Developing leaders to deliver your strategy

Mapping Capability and Culture

Strategic and operational plans are very difficult to achieve if the organisation culture or capabilities of people do not fully support their delivery 

Our ‘ Fit for purpose‘ workshops are designed to help you to assess the organisational readiness of the company, using a range of internal company and external benchmark data to address the following questions 

  • Have you got the right organisational design? Does your structure and key management processes provide the best framework for goals to be set, resources to be allocated, decisions to be taken and people to be motivated.
  • Do you have the right capabilities? Do your people have the knowledge and skills essential to delivering your strategy and are they using these competencies effectively.
  • Is your culture supportive of what you are trying to achieve? Are the norms, behaviours and ways of working consistent with delivering the strategic objectives, or likely to hold you back.

We then support teams in developing plans to address these gaps. 

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