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Managing Change

An estimated 70 % of change programmes fail. Delivering change in organisations can vary widely in scale and complexity, from 1 to 1 discussions to change behaviour and the implementation of workplace improvement, to the delivery of large projects or cultural change agendas. We help leaders  in all these contexts through practical advice and support. Areas most frequently raised include;

  • Creating Urgency : How to create sufficient urgency without destabilising or demoralising the organsation
  • The Politics of Change : How to identify and manage the range of individual and group interests to mobilise support and deal with resistance
  • Programme Leadership and Governance : Setting up the structures, review processes and governance arrangements to manage programme delivery
  • Broadening Support for Change : How to build a network of change agents to champion and implement the change agenda
  • Process Improvement  : Equipping teams with practical skills to gather and present data, map processes, identify improvements and standardise new processes to deliver simple workplace change
  • Personal Change ; Providing leaders with coaching techniques to make powerful requests and getting commitment
  • Keeping the Momentum Going : How best to keep change programmes fresh, through communication of successes and integration into normal business practices
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