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Integrating Values

Integrating Values


Values, Behaviours and Performance

Vision and values statements, can be useful, but only if they affect actual decisions and behaviours made in the boardroom and on the shopfloor.

People will already have developed their own personality and  own ‘moral code’ around issues such as integrity, risk-taking and dealing with conflict by the time they start work . So their core values won't suddenly change overnight.

What can change is behaviour, since people will change how they act, to 'succeed' in their work environment. Leaders can influence this change by the example they set, and the practices they put in place.

Where unhelpful behaviours have become entrenched, it is equally important to understand the mindsets and beliefs about the organisation which are driving these behaviours.

Behavioural Change

Our support is focused on the following areas.

  • Baseline: Defining the specific behaviours which will support or compromise delivery of the strategy and the current norms in evidence.
  • Behavioural Drivers: Understanding the current mindsets and beliefs which influence behaviour. 
  • Policy Review : Reviewing the way policies affecting recruitment, performance appraisal and promotion and reward are designed and applied to ensure the desired behaviours are reinforced and negative behaviors minimised.
  • ‘Moments of Truth’ : Exploring the key behavioural ‘ moments of truth ‘ through the choices and decisions people make in dealing with customers and colleagues.
  • Role Modelling : Agreeing the practical and symbolic action leaders can take to reinforce these behaviours.
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