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Change and Learning

Our approach to change and learning is based on 25 years implementing change programmes and people strategies in the UK and across the world, combined with insights from the very latest research on cognitive neuroscience, motivation, and the management of positive organisational change. We have distilled this into 8 key principles which guide our practice.  

Go beyond the burning platform : Getting people's attention on the need for change is crucial, but can be counterproductive, closing people down to ideas and consideration of alternatives, when such thinking is most needed. We therefore design processes which take beyond people beyond communicating the compelling need , to delivering the right kind of change.

Challenge mindsets : Teams and individuals are often limited by assumptions, beliefs and resulting behaviours around what delivers success, which no longer apply. We use techniques which surface these assumptions and assess their continued relevance.

Exploit strengths : Identifying individual, team and organisational strengths, creates different possibilities to focussing purely on problems, gaps and weaknesses. Our vision workshops therefore help teams to identify and use this 'positive core' to meet the next set of challenges.

Engage both heart and head: Gaining commitment to deliver a goal or to change the way they work from teams and individuals is an emotional as well as a rational process. Our workshops help people identify and address these 'non rational' barriers to learning and change, in particular around the areas of personal and shared accountability.

Promote divergence then convergence : Environments which stimulate groups to be creative and come up with a wide range of new ideas do not always aid them in decision making and plan delivery. Doing both well is a hallmark of a high performing organisation.  We therefore design vision and innovation workshops very differently from the way we facilitate teams to action plan and take decisions.

Stretch without breaking : Challenging change targets motivate up to a point, beyond which they fail to have the desired effect, either because stress about meeting them affects performance, or because they are ignored as being unachievable. We help you work out the optimal stretch  for your planned change, and the support mechanisms that need to be in place.

Provide fast and accurate feedback ; People and teams learn and improve through the results they accomplish, the mistakes they make and quality of the feedback they receive. We therefore design into all our programmes, piloting, tracking, assessment and lessons learned reviews. We also place the provision of coaching skills for leaders at the heart of our initiatives.

Connect theory and practice : Where we run formal learning events and provide input to support change, the relevancy and credibility of models and theories is critical. When we use models we do so to solve problems or provide insight in to your actual business challenges.

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